Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup will Spawn Kia Model


The upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck will spawn a Kia variant. 

Hyundai’s top brass has confirmed that the small pickup is coming, saying that the brand wants to jump into the rapidly growing truck market and take some capacity away from the dwindling passenger car market.

This is according to, citing a source inside Kia. “You can guarantee that if Hyundai builds the Santa Cruz, we will have our own [version]. We have observed how popular the utility is for many different buyers, and a Kia model would also be very popular, I think,” said the unnamed source.

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The upcoming Santa Cruz pickup is based on the Tuscon crossover and will be considerably smaller than all of the other pickup trucks currently on the market. Its Kia counterpart will likely have different styling and packaging to help to seperate the two trucks.

A full reveal of the production Santa Cruz is expected in late 2016 or early 2017, after which we will see the Kia version.


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  • Archknight77

    Poor Hyundai can never just have a model or platform to itself, KIA seems to always make a twin no matter how obvious. They really have to start differentiating their models with different powertrains and options. They’ve already taken the new 8AT that was developed by Hyundai for the 2017 KIA Cadenza. So there’s nothing that truly seperates these two brands except design.

  • Robert Prol

    If it can’t hold a sheet of plywood, it’s not a pickup.