Could This Mysterious Patent Filing Be the BMW i2?


We all know that BMW is working on an i5 electric car, but is it also preparing a sportier i2 or i4 coupe?

A design filing has been posted on Europe’s OHIM system that was originally filed on April 14, 2015 and registered May 11, but details have been kept under wraps until today’s publishing. It was also seen last year on the Chinese Patent Bureau. At first glance, the front end resembles the BMW i8, especially the grilles, further suggesting that it will be an i model. Given that it’s a two-door body style, it will likely take on an even number, and based on BMW’s nomenclature and given its compact size, we’re inclined to believe it’s a BMW i2. Other rumors from last year suggest it could be a fuel cell vehicle, while some are saying that it’s just a hydrogen research vehicle.

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Interestingly, there are two fuel caps on the design filing, although that could just be a minor technicality, given that these are renders. It does have aggressive lines and will likely preview an upcoming concept. Given the German automaker’s willingness to produce a model for every segment imaginable, it wouldn’t be a surprise that BMW might eventually offer a full lineup of electrified i vehicles ranging from the i2 to the i8.

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  • Tom Verba

    Whatever it is, I like it! (Except for the dopey side windows).

  • To me it looks like a Honda Insight and a TR7 got into an accident with a contraceptive and a time machine.

  • Jeffery Surratt

    What a tease, the production car never looks as good as the concept. But if they produce it, I will give it a test drive. Two fuel caps, could one be a charging port? Or maybe because of space they had to install 2 smaller 5 gallon fuel tanks. Either way works for me.