McLaren 675LT JVC Kenwood Concept Packs Digital Cockpit Display


McLaren is working on new technolgoy and is teasing some new features with the 675LT JVCKENWOOD Concept. 

The car, based on the 675LT, features a unique design along with some futuristic technology features in the cockpit including a massive head-up display that replaces the entire gauge cluster. The all-in-one head-up display not only replaces the gauges, it monitors vehicles around you and can update you on their whereabouts.

This concept also does away with traditional mirrors, replacing them cameras fitted around the car that send their footage to a screen that is in place of the rear view mirror.  The screen is integrated into the headliner and is framed by deep blue stitching.

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Besides this new technology inside, the car gets a steering wheel from the McLaren P1 GTR, anodized orange accents and orange nappa leather seat bolsters.

On the outside, the car gets door-mounted camera blades in place of mirrors, silver racing strips, an onyx black paint job and gloss black wheels.

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