Morgan to Release First Electrified Vehicle by 2019

British automaker Morgan is looking to electrify its lineup. 

Morgan has received about $8.5 million in funding from the UK Advanced Propulsion Center, Delta Motorsport and Potenza Technology in order to invest in hybrid and electric powertrains for its future vehicles. Morgan builds a lineup of small roadsters, including a three-wheeler for which for the company is most well known.

This effort seeks to significantly reduce vehicle CO2 emissions and deliver best-in-class fuel economy. Morgan will begin implementing these new proulsion systems in 2019, with all of the brand’s models coming with some type of electrification by 2020. Morgan hopes that these changes will help to increase demand across the UK and Europe.

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“We are now ready to develop the best hybrid and electric drive-train solutions for production implementation before the end of the decade,” said Morgan Managing Director, Steve Morris. “We expect the project to deliver growth and employment benefits here at Morgan and in our partner companies, but equally it will broaden the appeal of the Morgan brand and attract new customers in our key markets.”

The UK Government’s Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, announced the funding as part of a visit to the Morgan factory last week.