Most Drivers Want the Option of Control in Self-Driving Cars: Survey


Even with the promise of worry free mobility thanks the self-driving cars, the majority of people still want the ability to take control of their vehicles at any moment.

A survey conducted by Volvo found that 92 percent of respondents believe that people should be able to take control of self-driving cars at any moment while 81 percent of the people agree that automakers, not car owners, should take responsibility if an accident occurs while a vehicle is driving autonomously.

In addition, 90 percent felt that autonomous cars should be able to pass a human driving test and 88 percent of the people think the technology should respect the love of driving. But most importantly, 78 percent of those surveyed believe that self-driving cars will make their time traveling more useful and worthwhile.

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Like many other automakers worldwide, Volvo is focusing on developing self-driving cars and has found the survey useful as it works toward a future where drivers can get better use of the time spent in their vehicles during daily commutes, whether it’s to relax, watch movies or enjoy the luxury of driving.

“People have told us that they need to feel in control and have the choice of when to delegate driving to the car. Today, that need is ultimately fulfilled with the presence of a steering wheel,” said Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz General Manager of the Volvo Monitoring & Concept Center, “Therefore, a steering wheel is necessary until those needs change.”

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    In congested areas, I turn off adaptive cruise control I think self-driving cars would only be suitable when and where there are very few other vehicles around….