New Top Gear Host Chris Evans Caught Getting Car Sick on Set

New Top Gear Host Chris Evans Caught Getting Car Sick on Set

New Top Gear host Chris Evans appears to be having a tough time with his new job.

Replacing Jeremy Clarkson, Evans was recently spotted on the side of the track looking quite uneasy while taking a lap in a new Audi R8 with Sabine Schmitz. While suffering from motion sickness is a serious issue, one would believe that the host of Top Gear should be able to stomach a lap or two while riding as a passenger in a supercar. At least Schmitz isn’t your run-of-the-mill driver: she races professionally for BMW and Porsche. She’s also known as “Queen of the Ring” for how familiar she is with the Nurburgring.

It is also being reported that Evans struggles to talk and drive at the same time, and that the revamped show is struggling to get headline guests.

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Evans was named the new host of Top Gear in June 2015 following Clarkson’s dismissal after he assaulted a producer of the show. Since then, Clarkson and his two previous co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May have signed a deal to create a new show for Amazon Prime.

[Source: The Sun]

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  • LMAO

  • smartacus

    pitch a fork in it, this show is history
    Even so called Captain Slow James May is a pilot and has been onboard the astronaut training “vomint comet”.
    And who’s to guarantee Chris Evans doesn’t get into a fracas in the future???

  • Mark S

    Clarkson once made himself green around the gills driving in circles proving the grip on an AWD. I think Sabine could make many breakfasts go the wrong the way, she is a great driver and Laguna has some tight the turns.