Poll: Dodge Durango or Toyota 4Runner?

Poll: Dodge Durango or Toyota 4Runner?

With gasoline prices at record lows, more and more Americans are purchasing larger vehicles, which makes perfect sense.

Two husky sport utility vehicles that have their own unique appeal are the Dodge Durango and Toyota 4Runner. The former is more patriotic than The Star-Spangled Banner, the latter specially designed for gnarly off-roading.

The Durango features a base 3.6-liter V6 that puts out up to 295 horsepower, while torque measures 260 lb-ft. Stepping up from here, a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 is also on the menu. It delivers a burly 360 horses with 390 units of twist. Both engines are matched to an eight-speed automatic transmission for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Toyota’s 4Runner is powered by a 4.0-liter V6 engine. It cranks out 270 ponies along with 278 lb-ft of low-RPM torque. A five-speed automatic is the only transmission available.

Which of these sport-utility vehicles do you prefer? Which one would you rather own? Vote in our poll and let your voice be heard!

BUT FIRST: Directly compare the Dodge Durango and Toyota 4Runner here

  • Frank Yoster

    I would def take the durango…i can toe that toyota out of ditch anyday! Plus the durnango has a way better interior!

  • Jeff T

    The 4 runner and the Xterra fall in the same issue. The companies build an suv which is great off road and what is what a good sized market wants. They then never update it or make an attempt to add any modern features. The 4 runner will be dead soon unfortunately.

  • auto nut.

    Durango all day.

  • DJ

    Toyota 4runner is far more reliable!

  • nauticalone

    Durango for me. This current 4 Runner is hedeious!

  • 4Runner

    After awhile I expect people to grow up. Apparently they don’t. Dodge has low resale low quality and high maintenance every time something goes wrong. I’d like to see a 2010 Durango and a 2010 4Runner right now see which is driving well and it what condition. I bet I can get a Durango for 8k the only way a 4Runner is that cheap for the 2010 year is it have 200k miles. By the the Durango would be in the scrap yard be used for scraps.

  • Donald Jacks

    4runner for off road capable

  • wcjeep

    Durango suffers the same problem as many Chrysler products. Great specs on paper. Poor quality control on the assembly line. The Toyota 4runner lacks current safety tech found on similar priced vehicles. I would still take the Toyota. The 4runner is usually in the top 5 resale value on every list. The 4runner will still be on the road in 10yrs. Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge is usually at the bottom of quality surveys. Chances of the Durango living 10yrs are not in its favor.

  • Vig

    4runner the best

  • Steve-O

    The 4Runner obviously. Id never buy another Dodge product after owning a Ram especially a Durango. What junk they build, looks great new but they sure are crap. Plus the Durango can’t go off road at all, a 4Runner sure will!

  • Dominic

    4Runner, it really comes down to quality, durability, and reliability. If those mean nothing to you, the flashy Durango is your ticket.

  • gooner

    Toe??? Dodge junk

  • William Crews

    Personally, it’s no contest; the Toyota wins due to it’s off-road prowess, reliability, resale and just overall build quality. With that being said, the new Durango is a very handsome looking vehicle and if I never planned to do any serious off-roading and was leasing it or planning on trading it in within 2-3 years, then I might consider the Durango.

  • Vyurr

    I’ve got a 99 durango and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly for the 17 years I’ve owned it. This is a model that was body on frame, based on the dodge dakota and had marginal off road abilities. That being said in the last 5 years I’ve probably had to put about 7 thousand dollars of repairs into it to keep it running. It’s in pretty good condition considering it’s age, well maintained, but old parts are failing that are incredibly difficult to get to. the last major issue involved replacing a $75 part and $1200 worth of labor.

    All this being said, as much as I like the appearance of the new durango, I’m not happy with the reduced capabilities from my old model, and the options from the factory do nothing much for me. I have been giving the Toyota serious consideration and am currently hoping to keep the Durango limping along until the next generation of the 4runner is released.