The New Beast: Is this Donald Trump’s Future Presidential Limo?

The New Beast: Is this Donald Trump’s Future Presidential Limo?

If things go completely sour and Donald Trump wins the presidential election, this could be his next ride.

The next-generation Presidential Limo, also known as The Beast, is testing in prototype form starting with what appears to be a Cadillac Escalade. Sporting a noticeably raised ride height and longer proportions, the prototype/mule doesn’t exactly fit into anything in Cadillac’s product pipeline. What is coming soon, however, is a new President of the United States, and the Department of Homeland Security started its search to find a new Presidential Limo in 2014.

President Barack Obama currently rides in a Cadillac limousine that is basically a Chevrolet Kodiak that has been altered to look more like a Cadillac DTS. Fitted with armor protection, the next-generation Presidential Limo will likely ride on a platform found in GM’s trucks, but with Cadillac styling, similar to what’s found on the American automaker’s newest products like the CT6 and XT5.

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President Obama and his administration has favored something more fuel efficient, but the Department of Homeland Security’s officials will likely get their way with something larger and more powerful for the 45th President.

Expect an official announcement on The Beast to come after the November election.

  • wcjeep

    Great. Political headline/discussion on a car website. Not why I visit here.

  • Auburns Finest

    Fuel efficiency and bomb proofing don’t go hand in hand.

  • Shiratori1

    Mentioning trump was clearly an attempt to increase views. Pathetic.

  • Jeff T

    Americans getting upset about anything political in news….great, everywhere.

  • ChrisO

    Leave the political opinions out of car articles.

  • Jon Austin

    It’s a one-off, so who cares how fuel-efficient it is? Agree with others here about the unnecessary political reference. But since you put it out there, Mr. Siu, how “sweet” are “things” under the current administration?

  • We keep upgrading the Presidential limo. It would be nice to upgrade the occupant.

  • Jonny

    “IF things go completely sour and Donald Trump wins …..” sound like you don’t approve of his bid for POTUS. Clearly an ‘anti-Trumpl’ comment.

  • Bana Nana

    dont dis the king of all White Trash and reality show zombies like that lol

  • Chris Daigle

    I would prefer to see a Lincoln Navigator with a supercharged Boss 514.

  • mulletcatcher

    Jason Siu Ha Ha asshole, who’s your president now?? That’s right, Donald Trump!! LOL!!!