This Tuned Honda Civic Type R is Every Honda Fanboy’s Dream Car

Each year, Honda brings a fine collection of modified cars to the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon and this Mugen Honda Civic Type R is every Honda fanboy’s dream car.

For decades, Mugen has been outfitting Honda vehicles with high-quality modifications ranging from engine upgrades to aerodynamics. Taking the Civic Type R to new heights, Mugen has given it a sporty body kit that takes the front-wheel-drive hatchback to a more extreme level. It looks a bit like a BTCC touring car, and that’s not a bad thing.

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Of course all four corners now features Mugen wheels while the inside sports Mugen seats. The company also chose to toss out the quad exhaust setup for a single, more functional piece. Now we can only hope that Mugen will offer its goods when the Civic Type R eventually makes it stateside.

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