Toyota Combined the Yaris and RAV4 Into One Bizarre Concept


Toyota used the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon to show off one crazy-looking concept.

Called the ViRA Concept, Toyota says it combined the ViTZ (known as the Yaris in other markets) and the RAV4 for a wild concept that will fit right in at the Tokyo Auto Salon, a show known for its boundary-pushing vehicles.

At a glance it appears that the ViRA doesn’t look anything like a RAV4 or Yaris, but its compact size does borrow some traits from both existing models. Realistically, Toyota is likely trying to combine the utility of a crossover (RAV4) with the versatile compact body of the Yaris while the dynamic styling aims to attract the younger crowd.

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The concept is interesting because none of its styling resembles anything Toyota has in production at the moment. But then again, this is the Tokyo Auto Salon where anything goes. It’s also the best place to showcase a wild concept to gauge interest among car enthusiasts that never settle for factory styling.

It’s worth noting that the concept comes from Toyota Industries Corporation, which is the company under contract from Toyota to manufacture the Yaris and RAV4. Toyota Industries Corporation is also responsible for various engines used in Toyota’s vehicles.

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  • NewGuy

    I’m guessing that this will be the next Scion tC or tC replacement.

  • Adam

    Finally the kind of Toyota I was always dreaming about. 🙂
    Looks perfect.

  • Jimmy Ngai

    toyota should have this team doing more of their designs 🙂

  • Darryl’s9175291471

    To be honest this ride needs to go thru Lamborghini URUS looks to much alike take toyato name off this looks Terrible I can keep these also just don’t change the engine or anything yet contact me it need a few more features and please don’t make any more you can be sued I have a solution.

  • Maddox

    I wish Toyota would stop wasting time and money on this nonsense and would instead make a car for the market that’s both fun to drive and looks good. I know they know how to, they use to have those cars. Today’s market doesn’t need more beige cars that don’t rust. Why do I have to go back 15-20 years to find a fun car?

  • TPin

    Like the looks, though I know they would tone it down for production. Best case scenario, would love to see and all wheel drive hot hatch come out of this.