Volkswagen Plans to Add 20 More Electrified Vehicles by 2020

In light of its massive diesel scandal, Volkswagen is pushing its efforts towards electrifying vehicles.

During Volkswagen’s New Year’s reception in Brussels, CEO Matthias Müller confirmed the German automaker will “introduce about 20 additional models with electrical or plug-in hybrid drive trains by 2020.” Müller also emphasized the necessity for industrial companies and policymakers to work closely together on the future of mobility in the EU saying, “We must not leave this playing field to Silicon Valley.”

With numerous EU parliamentarians present at the event, Müller stressed that Europe desperately needs an extensive network of rapid charging stations, adding that customer trust in e-mobility will only grow “if there is a visible, functioning infrastructure.”

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He also pointed to the recent diesel emissions scandal as a reason to realign the Volkswagen Group. In hopes of winning back trust, Volkswagen will have its vehicles checked and certified by external and independent inspectors in the future. Müller also called for new emissions tests in Europe saying that “the official test results and actual consumption are no longer accepted and no longer acceptable. We need to break new ground here.”

The company’s EU-wide, comprehensive technical solutions for the 8.5 million diesel vehicles affected by the scandal have been agreed upon and the retrofitting will start this week.

“The efforts of our industry alone won’t be enough. We need to work together to make sure that Europe remains innovative and competitive as an industrial location in a rapidly changing world,” Müller emphasized in his speech. “A true breakthrough for electric mobility will only be achieved if politics, society and authorities work together more closely.”

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