Volkswagen US Sales Tumble, Down 4.7 Percent in 2015

Volkswagen closed off the year on a bad note with its December sales dropping by over 9 percent.

The German automaker reported a total of 30,956 units sold in December 2015, a drop of 9.11 percent compared to 2014’s figure of 34,058 units. For the year, Volkswagen sales dropped 4.78 percent from 366,970 units sold to 349,440.

Golf sales were down nearly 50 percent in December from 2,379 units to 1,191 units, though the sporty GTI model actually saw a 32.4-percent increase from 1,789 units to 2,369, which means that GTI sales nearly doubled regular Golf sales. For the year however, the Golf family saw an increase of 93.9 percent with a total of 65,308 units sold compared to last year’s figure of 33,675.

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It wasn’t all bad news for Volkswagen in December, with the Tiguan turning in its best month of sales on record. The German automaker moved a total of 4,900 Tiguans resulting in a 131.6-percent increase compared to December 2014’s deliveries of 2,116 units.

The transition to the new Passat also dampened Volkswagen’s sales with the model dropping 56.4 percent to 3,596 units sold. For the year, Passat sales are down 19.1 percent.

“We are very pleased with the strong Golf family results and record-setting performance of the Tiguan in 2015,” said Mark McNabb, chief operating officer, Volkswagen of America. “As we look towards 2016, we are committed to rebuilding trust in the brand and would like to thank our customers and dealers for their continued patience and loyalty.”

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