Watch the Former Stig Demonstrate Drift Mode in the Ford Focus RS

Watch the Former Stig Demonstrate Drift Mode in the Ford Focus RS

The 350-horsepower Ford Focus RS will have four different driving modes.

With production of the hot hatch having begun in Germany, the American automaker has released a video detailing the driving modes heading to the Ford Focus RS. And what better way to show them off than to put Ben Collins, formerly known as The Stig on Top Gear, behind the wheel?

Collins starts off pedestrian enough, putting the Focus RS through its paces in the Normal Mode, where the Focus RS performs like you’d expect a normal car should. The all-wheel-drive system, dampers, steering, engine, ESC and exhaust are all set to normal, meaning lighter steering, quieter exhaust and softer suspension.

Things get taken up a notch when Collins switches to Sport Mode, where the Focus RS then puts the all-wheel-drive system, steering, engine and exhaust to sport. That means you’ll get a louder, throatier exhaust note and better steering response.

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In Track Mode, the Focus RS goes full-on sport so drivers can take full advantage of the car’s all-wheel drive as it shreds up the track. But perhaps the Focus RS is most interesting in its Drift Mode, which adjusts the all-wheel-drive system to allow drifts while the dampers and steering go back to normal. The engine, ESC and exhaust stay on sport and the Focus RS just starts going sideways with ease.

Check out Collins behind the wheel of the upcoming hot hatch below.

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  • jimbo124816

    Drive that car in anything other than “Normal” in the US, and you won’t have a license to drive anymore. Unfortunately, here we have some safety nazi’s in charge, and the towns and states rely on the money from the fines, and the tax collectors drive Police Cars.

  • smartacus

    The crims get a “sir or maam I’m placing you under arrest at this time”
    But if you’re an evil motorist who dares step on the accelerator for a bit longer than legal: “SHOW ME YOUR HAAAANDS!!! SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!!”

  • registration_stinks

    Bugmobiles …