You Can Now Lease a McLaren for $2,200 a Month


Looking for the most affordable way to get into McLaren ownership? Your answer is right here. 

Thanks to a deal with Ally Financial, you can now lease or finance a 650S or a 570S, with the latter starting from $2,200 a month on lease. McLaren and Ally worked out the financing and leasing deal over several months to make sure prices are competitive and because leases will be important for sales of the 570S.

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of leasing to our purchasing options, and fulfill what has been a regular request from our customers and dealers since we first set up U.S. operations in 2011. Ally Financial has been a wonderful partner to develop this bespoke program with, and we are excited to launch it today,” said Anthony Joseph, President of McLaren North America. “The availability of leasing comes at a critical time for McLaren as we begin to deliver the 570S Coupe, which enters a segment where lease availability is critical to car sales.”

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McLaren reminds customers that a lease transfers the risk of depreciation off the customer, while its also convienent as the customer can walk away from the car at the end of their lease term.

“We are pleased to be launching this program with McLaren and supporting one of the world’s premiere luxury brands,” said Tim Russi, President of Auto Finance at Ally Financial. “We look forward to establishing and building strong relationships with McLaren’s network of U.S. dealerships and providing long term value.”

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  • smartacus

    $2,200 a month is reeeaally not bad considering an exotic car can be rented for $2,200 a day down in South Beach.
    *How much is due at signing?