Photo of Refreshed 2017 Nissan Armada Leaks on Forum

Photo of Refreshed 2017 Nissan Armada Leaks on Forum

An forum user has revealed what appears to be the new 2017 Nissan Armada SUV. 

Unlike the outgoing Armada, the new model will be based on the Japanese-built Patrol SUV, the same platform that underpins the Infiniti QX80, hence the design similarities with that luxury SUV. In fact, Automotive News claims that even many of the interior trim bits will be common between the two SUVs. Up front, the nose of the new Armada seems to be inspired by the new Titan pickup truck, though everywhere else it is pure QX80.

The new Armada will also share its powertrain with the QX80, which means a 5.6-liter V8 good for 390 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque will be used. It will be hooked up to a seven-speed automatic transmission.

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Most of the other important Armada specs, including weights and tow ratings, will also closely mirror the Infiniti Qx80, which means you can expect it to weigh around 5,888 lbs and tow 8,500 lbs. Radar-based adaptive cruise control, active lane keep assist, and an updated infotainment system are just some of the other upgrades that are headed for the new Armada.

The Armada will likely hit dealers in late 2016. We will report on all the details when they become available.

[Source: TitanXDForum]

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  • smartacus

    looks like the KIA Telluride concept, but without the grouped door handles

  • andy

    Definitely think this one looks better than the fugly QX80

  • It is a nissan patrol rename as nissan armada, which have been on sale from 2010, even if it looks like a kia concept, it is already in the market from 2010 as the nissan patrol.So more like kia looks the nissan patrol.

  • you need to see the nissan nismo patrol, make more power than the QX80 also, 428HP

  • FayezNoor

    It’s Nissan Patrol sold as armada. Nissan Patrol is best SUV and is famous as King of Desert in Middle East

  • Carmaker1

    It can’t “look like” something it mostly precedes (Y62 Patrol design was finished in 2007), as the Kia Telluride is a recent 2015 development. This has minor design differences from the 2010 Patrol (Y62), which probably have been set in stone for roughly 2 years (based on internal info).

  • Carmaker1

    Certainly. The next generation Patrol and QX80 designs have already been signed off (don’t ask how I know).
    The 2017 Armada is going to be a stop-gap offering, inversely the way the Lexus LX450 was between 1995/96 to early 1998 (last sold for MY1997) before arrival of the V8-powered LX470 in April 1998.

  • Carmaker1

    I really do not like the wording in this article, as this MY2017 compared to the current WA60 Armada is a ground up redesign, not a “refresh”. Even though it is based on the incumbent Patrol, it is still vastly different. It is such poor wording to refer to it as such, when this abandons the 60-Series truck family, the way the new Titan and Titan XD have with the TA60.
    Nissan has pretty much signed off on the NEXT generation Patrol and QX80, so this is meant to likely be a stop-gap. The 2019 Pathfinder and 2019 QX60 designs were approved last month, set on schedule for a design freeze by the end of July. Those will be powered by a naturally aspirated version of the NR engine.
    The current Armada is based on a design, that was presented in clay in late 2000 and finalized in July 2001 (minor changes designed up to 2005 for 2008-2015 models), so it is a 15 year design, compared to this which was mostly drawn up in 2007 (for Y62 Patrol) and late 2013 (for Armada).