Bentley Flying Spur Gets New Bespoke Champagne Flutes and Perfume

The Bentley Flying Spur just got more bespoke options including a refrigerated bottle cooler.

The British automaker’s in-house coach-building division, Mulliner, has revealed the latest range of bespoke creations for the Flying Spur, allowing customers to even further personalize their luxury sedan. For the first time, the Flying Spur can now be had with a refrigerated bottle cooler between the rear seats, painted veneers, Mulliner quilted leather, sterling silver atomisers and hide-trimmed stowage boxes.

The refrigerated bottle cooler comes with two bespoke champagne flutes, which feature bases mirroring the design of Bentley wheels. When they’re not in use, the bottle cooler and glasses can be stowed and concealed, with the fifth-seating position reinstated.

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The sterling silver atomisers can be used to spray a fine mist of water or perfume and each one is highly polished and housed in a dedicated compartment within the interior trim of the rear door.

“Mulliner offers customer the opportunity to personalise their car over and above the one million plus combinations already available to them,” said Geoff Dowding, director of Mulliner. “Creating bespoke features is about understanding our customer needs and requirements and the Flying Spur is a perfect outlet for us to interpret their ideas.”

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