BMW Might Not Have Sold the Most Luxury Cars in 2015


The hotly contested luxury-sales race might not have a clear winner for 2015.

Earlier this year, BMW announced its official sales figures for 2015, saying that it sold 346,023 units to take the luxury-sales crown. Japanese automaker Lexus reported 344,601 in sales while Mercedes-Benz came in third with 343,088.

However, these figures may not be entirely accurate as Polk Automotive has said Lexus topped U.S. registrations last year with 340,392 compared to BMW’s 335,259. In fact, based on U.S. registrations, BMW came in third place with Mercedes finishing ahead with 337,288 registrations.

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It’s worth noting that sales data and registrations never match since there’s a period of time from when a vehicle is sold to when individual states issue registration documents. “It’s two different methodologies,” said Polk anaylst, Tom Libby. “Sales data are aggregated from what dealers report to the manufacturer. We get the registrations from each state’s department of motor vehicles offices. The timing is different.”

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  • 4u2nvinmtl

    I think it’s close enough to call it a 3 way tie for first.