Buick’s Super Bowl Commercial Was Probably a Flop

Buick’s Super Bowl Commercial Was Probably a Flop

The Buick Cascada was featured in a new Super Bowl ad, but the critics are already saying it was a flop. 

The spot was Buick’s first ever Super Bowl ad, and it was a big chance for the company to do something to really get people talking.

Watch it for yourself here and tell us if you liked the ad in the comments below:

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  • smartacus

    not just a miss, but an air ball

  • craigcole

    Da fuq is this?

  • Shiratori1

    It was a dumb commercial.

  • Auburns Finest

    I guess the rental car companies need a new convertible…

  • Mike

    Nice looking car. They should’ve focused on the car and not the lady catching the flower boquet. That’s all I remember of the commercial. Totally forgettable.

  • Devi

    I have always liked buicks, but have been looking for a convertible. Sounds wonderful, and if you are a football fan you probably understand and like this commercial.