FCA to Make Its Diesel Engines Cleaner Following Internal Review

FCA to Make Its Diesel Engines Cleaner Following Internal Review

Although its vehicles comply with emissions regulations, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will offer new settings to make its diesel engines cleaner.

The automaker plans to release new calibrations for its most recent-generation diesel vehicles starting in April. In addition, FCA will use a different filtering technology called selective catalytic reduction in more of its diesel vehicles starting from the second quarter of 2017. It reiterated that it does not cheat on emissions tests and that all vehicles comply with applicable emissions regulations.

In a statement released by the automaker, it shared that the new calibrations will be available on all new vehicles sold on or after April 2016 as well as being available to all other owners of Euro 6 FCA vehicles at no charge. This will not be considered a recall campaign.

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Ever since Volkswagen admitted that it cheated on EPA diesel emissions tests in September, the issue of diesel emissions has been the center of attention in the automotive world. FCA chose to conduct its own internal review of the technology used in its diesel vehicles.

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