Ferrari Plots More Hybrids, Modular Platform

Ferrari Plots More Hybrids, Modular Platform

Ferrari has filed a patent for an entirely new hybrid drivetrain which could support more than one future model. 

While no clues are offered on the identity of the new model, this hybrid layout could be used to the replacement for the F12 Berlinetta. Thanks to its design, which can support front- and mid-mounted engine types, there’s also a possibility that this setup could be used for the new entry-level Dino model which is currently being developed.

According to the plans, the new hybrid cars will be able to travel about 30 miles on electricity alone.

The actual patent is for a front-engine, rear wheel-drive layout with two large battery packs fit underneath the floorpan. A dual-clutch automatic transmission is still stuck in the rear of the car, but in this configuration it has an electric motor attached to it. A big part of the patent is the “support matrix” for the individual battery cells, which are split up to help them save space. This system helps to connect the batteries all together while also protecting them.

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In the event that the batteries do become “disrupted” in a crash, the support matrix can disconnect the individual batteries that have issues. “After the crash there are many chemical batteries not connected to one another, thus individually having a moderate electric voltage,” says the patent.

There is also evidence in the patent to suggest that Ferrari might be moving towards a common structure for many of its future models. The patent suggests that a common cockpit structure could be used in multiple different cars whether they are front or rear engine.

While Ferrari already installed a mild hybrid system in its LeFerrari hypercar, this new setup will be the brand’s first full production car to go hybrid.

[Source: Autocar]

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