Formula 1 to Introduce Safer Partially Closed Cockpit in 2017

Formula 1 to Introduce Safer Partially Closed Cockpit in 2017

Formula 1 race cars will be much safer and look quite different starting in 2017.

The F1 Commission has confirmed its intention to introduce some form of cockpit protection starting in the 2017 season. The FIA said in a statement that all stakeholders are working together to make closed cockpits a reality and currently the “Halo” concept (seen above) is the preferred option. The decision isn’t final, however, as other options including transparent cockpit protection is still under consideration and being evaluated.

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The announcement comes as the F1 Commision also confirms new bodywork regulations in hopes of creating more dynamic Formula 1 cars starting in 2017. The new regulations will also deliver additional downforce to increase speeds and lower lap times. The FIA, teams and official tire suppliers are also discussing the best solution for testing of the new tires as part of the regulations.

Rumors of a partially closed cockpit design being used in Formula 1 cars surfaced late last year, following the death of Justin Wilson. The favored Halo concept was originally designed by Mercedes-Benz Motorsports with FIA taking over the development process and conducted a round of testing last fall.

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