Google’s Latest Job Postings Suggest it’s Gearing Up for Manufacturing

Google’s Latest Job Postings Suggest it’s Gearing Up for Manufacturing

Google’s X self-driving car project has posted a number of job listings, looking mostly for individuals with expertise in manufacturing. 

Exactly thirty six jobs were posted searching for engineers who could work on displays, robotics, sensors and motion control. Jobs for managers in charge of operations, materials and marketing were also posted.

It’s no secret that Google is building a self-driving car, but it has been widely thought that the company would tap an existing automaker to actually manufacture its autonomous vehicles. Back in January, Google’s self-driving car CEO John Krafcik said publicly that he wanted to establish partnerships with automakers to accelerate work. But considering these job listing, it appears Google might be preparing to take on the job.

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A listing for a manufacturing process engineer states that the person will be responsible for “designing factory assembly stations, optimizing production floor layout, automating critical manufacturing processes and approving fixture designs used in the assembly of electronic modules for the self-driving car.”

A listing was also posted for a supplier quality engineer who will make sure all of the “equipment, tools gauges and fixtures for raw material, mechanical components and mechanical assemblies,” are properly inspected.

Google hinted at its future plans in another posting for the marketing manager, which requires a candidate that can “shape go-to-market strategy and storytelling to win hearts and minds of community members, influencers and governments.”

Google is still currently testing its cars on the street in Mountain View, California and in Austin, Texas. The tech company just announced that it is expanding its testing next to Kirkland, Washington.

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