Here’s What the Chevrolet Cruze SS Hatchback Could Look like


A high-performance Chevrolet Cruze SS hatchback could be in the works.

The Chevrolet Cruze hatchback made its debut at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and Chevrolet executive Alan Batey told Car Advice that there’s potential for a high-performance variant. “Yes – for sure, for sure,” Batey said when asked about the possibility of a big-engine performance model.

Although we might not see it hit the streets anytime soon, has renders of what the model could look like, sporting more aggressive styling, sportier wheels and red brake calipers along with a quad exhaust setup.

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With Ford offering plenty of high-performance hatchbacks like the Focus ST and Focus RS, and Volkswagen rolling the GTI and Golf R models off the assembly lines, it’s no surprise GM wants a competitor of its own. There’s also the upcoming new Honda Civic Si to battle against and one could argue even the MINI Cooper S models belong in this sultry segment.

The American automaker wouldn’t have to dig very deep into its parts bin to find a suitable powertrain, either. Just look at the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine found in the Chevrolet Camaro. It provides 275 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

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  • Patrick Jackson

    Ah, you know gm the “ss” variant will be 1 inch bigger wheels and a spoiler.

  • craigcole

    Bring it, Chevy!

  • roundthings

    Mary Barra is in a coma. If Mark Reuss were CEO we’d have seen this a long time ago

  • Darren Younge

    Not sure why you’d assume that. The old Cobalt SS was a legit performer and more recently GM has gotten VERY serious with their performance packages. eg. 1LE, Z/28, Z51, ZO6

  • 4u2nvinmtl

    Isnt that the new Ford Focus ST? J/K they really look alike.

  • 4u2nvinmtl

    The big question, will it be AWD?

  • RedGeminiPA


  • Paul

    This is pure speculation. GM doesn’t have the hairs to do this. All we really will see is a watered down thing dubbed “RS” instead. They have enough in house hardware to do it and AWD but wont.

  • Patrick Jackson

    Yeah i know. but the first run of cobalt ss’s had two versions one had the supercharger the other one literally had just bigger wheels than the standard cobalt and a spoiler yet gm sold them as “ss’s”

  • Darren Younge

    That’s valid. They later changed it to just a sport package, but they did bastardize that SS badge for quite a while (Malibu). New GM seems to be doing things differently though.

  • Ali

    That’s the reason it hasn’t sold well since launch