Honda’s Future Includes More Turbos and Hybrids

Honda’s Future Includes More Turbos and Hybrids

Honda President & CEO Takahiro Hachigo laid out his visions for the future of Honda in a recent speech, including more turbos and a focus on electrification. 

Both the next-generation Honda Accord and CR-V will be adopting a small turbocharged four-cylinder engine, likely the same 1.5-liter unit that was introduced in the new Civic. Both of these vehicles will also be moving to a new platform, all of which is aimed at helping these cars burn less fuel.

Besides its focus on turbos, Honda is moving ahead with plans to electrify its lineup. An all-new plug-in hybrid model is set to arrive by 2018 and is said to have about 40 miles of all-electric range. After that model arrives, the plug-in hybrid powertrain will spread to Honda’s other major models, with the Accord and Civic likely to be first.

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Honda is also moving forward with hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, with its Clarity Fuel Cell slated to hit the market in Japan in March of 2016. Beyond that, a next-generation fuel-cell system being developed jointly with General Motors is expected to be launched by 2020.

In total, Honda is aiming for two-thirds of its overall sales to come from hybrid, plug-in hybrid and zero-emissions vehicles by 2030.

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