Is Toyota About to Kill Off the Scion Brand?

Is Toyota About to Kill Off the Scion Brand?

Toyota’s much beleaguered youth-focused brand may finally be put to pasture.

News broke late last night that Toyota will be making an official statement this morning, confirming that the Scion brand will be discontinued. Whether this means a gradual run-out of existing model lines or a more abrupt halting of operations is unknown.

As first reported on, a meeting was held late yesterday afternoon where employees of Scion were informed of the brand’s imminent demise.

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With struggling sales and a lineup that consists essentially of rebadged Toyota products, the news of Scion’s discontinuation does not come as a huge surprise. In 2015, the Scion brand moved 56,167 vehicles, which is barely anything compared to the 429,355 Camry sedans sold in 2015 alone.

The exact timing of the announcement still does seem puzzling with the new iM and iA recently launching.

A formal announcement is expected to be made by Toyota at 9 a.m.

[Source: Carbuzzard]

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  • As a Scion owner, I’m not surprised, but thankfully the dealerships that sell Scions here treat them just like the Toyotas they sell alongside them. Same with the places I go for parts and routine maintenance. My hope is that moving forward, the iA will take its place as part of the Yaris brand (since the new Yaris will share the iA’s Mazda2-ness), that the iM will just be the Corolla Auris/Corolla Matrix, and that the FR-S will be rebadged as the GT86. As for the tC, maybe it’s time for it to ride off into the sunset.

  • craigcole

    Launching new car brands is hard. See you on the flip-side, Scion!

  • smartacus

    hey Craig, can you put together an article of possible Daihatsu vehicles they could now bring over?

  • DISQUSting

    maybe now as Toyotas they can offer more options in each model and get more competitive engines

  • LexS

    Very interesting, since they just introduced two new models to the Scion line.

  • Jay Maggio

    In the graveyard with EDSEL, BRICKLIN, DELOREAN, AVANTI, MERKUR, EAGLE, GEO, PASSPORT, IMPERIAL, STERLING, HUMMER, SATURN, and FISKER. Very few brands born in North America after WWII have survived. Acura, Lexus, and Infiniti, are the exceptions.

  • Cody Beisel

    Interesting you would kill off the TC when it was scions strongest selling car… I owned one wouldn’t recommend another, for not much more money you can get in a civic si and have twice the car. I would like to see Toyota replace the TC with a fwd lightweight celica. Likely that would be something we could expect to see from the brand. Chances are they won’t do another frs and iv been hearing that a lot lately. Maybe open up the possibility for a hotter turbo version of what ever TC replacement they come out with.

  • If Toyota is willing to develop a new tC based on the appropriate global platform, and make it actually compete with the Civic si, I would certainly consider buying one. However, given that they had the Avensis platform to draw from and only ever made three (well, 2 1/2) generations of tC, I’m not sure how seriously they’d consider that.

    I think the reason I suggested letting the current tC roll away to that great Toyota garage in the sky had more to do with the fact that it’s the eldest car in Scion’s final line-up, with no plans for a replacement. I don’t know that the iA and iM would necessarily have trailed it in sales had Scion not shut down.

  • Reckoning Day

    Scion is dead…long live the King ! Chevy…

  • Bug S Bunny

    There is a reason Daihatsus are no longer sold in the U.S.

  • Bug S Bunny

    The tC will be killed off, and the FR-S will be given it’s rightful name: Celica.

  • smartacus

    Daihatsu’s aptly named Charade comes to mind 🙂

  • Reckoning Day

    The name sounds like a dog that needs to be shot….

  • You forgot Oldsmobile! RIP to all the above USA branded cars.

  • ROTFL! So true!

  • Jay Maggio

    I intentionally left off Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Plymouth and many others because they were formed long before WWII. All of the above brands were created primarily for the U.S. market after WWII.

  • Reckoning Day

    Borinnnnnnnnnnnnnnng ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz​