Mini Can’t Decide Between Building a Halo Car or a Compact Sedan

Mini Can’t Decide Between Building a Halo Car or a Compact Sedan

Mini is trying to decide what its next model should be. 

A premium compact sedan is the sensible choice for the brand, a car that would become Mini’s fifth volume-selling vehicle in a massive segment.

But a halo sports car, a small roadster coupe based on the Superleggera concept (seen above), is still on the table. It would be a low-volume car but it would have a price tag much higher than current Minis, helping to make up for its low sales volume.

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“It is a question you have to look at economically, and around the world you could say the sedan has the biggest potential, volumewise,” Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW board member in charge of Mini, said to Automotive News. 

But Schwarzenbauer also recognizes that having a halo car would benefit the brand in other ways besides just profits. “As you know, halo cars are economically not always great. It is a trade-off: How much does it do for the brand, and how do you make it feasible?” he said.

Introducing a new compact sedan would play into Mini’s current strategy of growing all of its vehicles, moving them from subcompact to compact classification. The redesigned Mini Clubman that went on sale in early 2016 grew by 12 inches compared to its predecessor while a re-worked Mini Countryman is coming soon and is expected to be a few inches longer than the current model.

A specific timeline was not provided, though Schwarzenbauer did confirm that a decision on which car Mini will build will be made sometime this year.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • smartacus

    -ever since the superbowl commercial, i’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of private sale Minis on craigslist. They waited too long to bring out the Superleggera.

  • hp79

    You keep track of how many Mini’s are on the market? And what’s it have to do with Superbowl? I say it’s more related to what color my poop was today.

  • timothyhood

    Or, instead of making the Super Leg an over-priced car because of low-volume and a bunch of expensive hybrid tech, they could just use in-house powertrains like the 3-cyl for the base model and the 4-cyl (maybe from the JCW minis) for the S model. Then they can still have a car that sits higher on the food chain but isn’t so over-priced that they may actually sell a decent number of cars that are much less expensive to build. Cheaper to build + higher sales seems like a much smarter way to go.

  • smartacus

    You keep track of what color your daily poop is? And what’s it have to do with the Superbowl? oh you mean toilet bowl?