Over-Engineering Award Goes to Nissan’s Creepy Self-Parking Office Chair

In today’s news about dubious over-engineering, Nissan has announced the world’s first self-parking office chair.

Inspired by the Japanese automaker’s intelligent park assist technology that allows drivers to easily park their vehicles using automatic steering, Nissan has released a pair of videos showcasing its Intelligent Parking Chair in action. The unique chair automatically moves to a set position and includes a roller that allows it to move 360 degrees when paired with a system that indicates the target position. To help guide the chair are four cameras placed on the room’s ceiling, generating a bird’s-eye view to wirelessly transmit the chair’s position and its route to its destination.

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It’s probably a bit impractical to have this technology in every office, and it’s actually a bit creepy seeing chairs roll around on their own. See it all in action by watching the videos below.

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