Polestar Offers Upgrades to Make Volvo T6 AWD Models More Exciting


Volvo’s Polestar performance unit has announced a new tuning program for vehicles equipped with its T6 all-wheel drive powertrain. 

That includes the S60 sedan, V60 wagon and the XC60 crossover. “The already powerful and agile T6 AWD models become even more dynamic and responsive to drive with the Polestar Optimization,” said Thed Björk, racing and development driver for Polestar Cyan Racing.

The optimization upgrades include increased throttle response, better mid-range engine performance, faster shifts, revised shift mapping and improved off-throttle response. This will give the driver more throttle feedback and better performance from the mid-range RPMs, the area where the engine spends most of its time while on the freeway.

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Any Volvo dealer can perform the optimization, which bumps peak power from 302 horsepower up to 306. In the mid-range specifically, power grows from 225 hp to 242 hp. Max torque grows from 295 lb-ft up to 317. With the engine revisions, the jump from 0 to 60 mph will take 0.1 seconds less, at 5.9 seconds.

Stability is improved when approaching a corner thanks to the off-throttle revisions, while a gear hold function is also added to keep the car in the same gear through a corner to keep the chassis planted.

Best of all, the powertrain revisions won’t change the vehicle’s emissions or fuel economy ratings and are fully covered under Volvo’s warranty program.

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  • Isend2C

    So is it free? ‘Cause I’m not wasting money on a tune for 4 HP when the aftermarket can provide SO MUCH more.