Poll: Ford F-150 or Toyota Tundra?

Poll: Ford F-150 or Toyota Tundra?

Which hard working truck would you rather own and operate, the Ford F-150 or Toyota Tundra?

It’s a tough question, we know, which is why we decided to include it in our latest poll. Each one of these rigs has its own advantages so it won’t be an easy decision to make.

The Ford F-150 was all-new last year, riding on a tough, redesigned frame that features more high-strength steel than ever, but this is hardly its biggest innovation. No, the headlining features is a lightweight aluminum body that, depending on the model, saves upwards of 700 pounds compared to its predecessor. The top engine offering in this rig is a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 that’s good for 365 horses and 420 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed automatic is the only transmission available.

As for the Tundra, this tough Toyota’s top powertrain is a tried-and-true 5.7-liter V8. It’s got a horsepower edge over the Ford, putting out 381 ponies, but its torque rating falls a little short, measuring “only” 401 lb-ft. Just like the F-150, a six-ratio, self-shifting gearbox is the only option.

For more information on these two truck feel free to compare them head-to-head right here.

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  • smartacus

    i tested out a 2.7 Ecoboost last year and it was the cat’s pajamas.
    smooth, very powerful, leaves nothing left to be desired.
    *and the steering was more effective through the cones than the Silverado on hand

  • ABT (Anything But Toyota)

    Why wasn’t the V8 F150 compared against the Toyota? The V8 Ford has 385hp against the Toyota’s 381 – doesn’t say much for the Toyota when their bigger engine puts out less hp’s than the smaller Ford and then, when you consider even the Ecoboost V6 puts out more torque….. Would love one of the V8 F150’s here in Australia but Ford Australia won’t import them anymore – will have to stick with my 10 year old F250.

  • Patrick Jackson

    if this was 07 i’d pick the toyota but it’s 2016 so i’m left with no choice but to pick the ford

  • SteveO

    The Tundra with the 5.7 comes with 4:30 gears as standard. I’ve got one and it will pull whatever needed and accelerates like a monster. Its much better in the dirt and best part is it’ll be running long after the Fords dead. For me it’s a no comparo I’d not even consider an F150 over the Tundra. A lot of my coworkers have the new F150s, pretty interior but most of them have had electrical gremlins and little constant issues within the first couple yrs (radios stopped working, power door locks failed, even a seized turbo). For what they charge that’s just not acceptable for me. I’ll stick with the tried an true Tundra drivetrain that’ll take hundreds of thousands of hard earned miles… It’s a Gem of a half ton…

  • SteveO

    Plus why in the world would you overcomplicate a drivetrain with a turbo just to get equal at best power of a V8. And in real world driving it’s been proven there is no MPG savings. It’s just a gimmick same as the alum body which in a 3rd party testing weighed 100lbs less than an equal equipped Silverado. If you buy the alum body ego boost F150 your a gullible fool. Sorry but it’s true…

  • Jeff T

    Ya aside from max torque at 1500rpm with the ecoboost. That doesn’t help in a truck….

  • SteveO

    Gearing helps pull big loads reliably not a 6banger turbo that’ll be working overtime to do the same thing. I’ve had experience with turbo Gas vehicles it’s not smtg I’d ever want in a big heavy half ton. There still new, just wait an see the reliability issues these motors will have. Turbo repairs/rebuilds aren’t cheap. If you need to have the latest thing on the market go for it. Don’t try an argue it’s a good drivetrain in a half ton truck it shows you know very little about having a workhorse reliable drivetrain…

  • Jeff T

    Saying you have driven turbo engines and it’s not something you want to pull with isn’t fair. Cam profile, gearing, and turbine size are big factors. GM uses many v8 s in their trucks and cars. I tow 8000+ pounds frequently and wouldn’t consider using a half tonne for that. Anyone who needs a truck for consistent work won’t be interested in a half tonne anyways. Haven’t heard of these big issues with turbo failure you’re talking about so far, time will tell.

  • Z51111

    We have had ecoboost F-150’s on our farms since they came out in 2011 and we have nothing but great performance and durability from these trucks, if you drive them right we get 24 MPG out on the highway we would not trade them. We have a friend that goes bird hunting with us out west and he runs a GM dealership that we used to buy from {to many problems} and he admits they have been running behind the Ford’s. He loves driving my 2015 King Ranch but he can’t tell anybody but us. We would not even consider the Toyota.

  • Craig Jones

    Traded my problematic 2012 F-150 3.5l Ecoboost on a Tundra. I really enjoyed the power delivery and pulling ability of the Ecoboost, even though the fuel economy was not good. The many problems and inability of the dealers to address them finally made me switch to my first Toyota.

  • NP300

    I would say Ford includes the most technology in their trucks compared to the competition but that is not enough to justify the amount of problems the ecoboost engines give that is why I will always go with Toyota for their durability and reliability!

  • Patrick Fogerty