Poll: Porsche Cayenne or Maserati Levante?

Poll: Porsche Cayenne or Maserati Levante?

Which high-performance luxury SUV would you rather drive: A Porsche Cayenne or Maserati Levante?

First up, the Porsche. This utility vehicle is like a 911 on stilts; it drives amazingly well for something as large as it is. Looking at the Cayenne S for instance, it features a 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that puts out a stout 420 horses. Torque measures 406 lb-ft. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard, as is all-wheel drive.

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Next we have the Maserati Levante. This vehicle isn’t out just yet, but the production version should debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week. It will be the brand’s first SUV ever. Powertrain information has not been released at this time, but expect all-wheel drive, an eight-speed transmission and an array of gasoline and diesel engines.

So, which if these vehicles do you like more? Vote in the poll below.

  • Raph711

    Judging by the build quality of current Maserati it has to be a Porsche

  • Long Doan

    Porsche will probably be faster, have better handling, and more visually pleasing in the interior. Most of all, Porsches are much more reliable than any Italian cars.

  • Teal

    Unless you’re a poser, the only sane choice is the Porsche.

  • timothyhood

    The Porsches are everywhere. Nobody looks twice at them. The Mas will catch more eye–and ear, with that Ferrari engine. It should match up well with the Porsche in performance.

  • Norman Hirsch

    give Maserati a few years but I’d never buy a 1.0 car. Porsche is proven, bugs out for the most part and improved over the years.

  • nauticalone

    Porsche! The new Maserati has yet to prove itself, being brand new.

  • windel Vernon

    Silly question. Ask me after the Maserati has been on the streets at least two years.