Some Dealers Are Reportedly Still Selling VW Diesels

Some Dealers Are Reportedly Still Selling VW Diesels

Volkswagen TDI models affected by the diesel scandal are still under an official voluntary stop-sale, but a new report says that some dealers are still selling them to customers.

VW dealers, according to a report from The Truth About Cars that cites an anonymous inside source, are still able to sell affected TDI models if they meet certain conditions. These are the conditions: “That it not be a ‘certified pre-owned’ (CPO) or new vehicle, and that the buyer signs a disclaimer stating they understand the vehicle being purchased pollutes more than government compliance tests initially indicated.”

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TTAC also reports that some dealers are not certifying cars on purpose (even though they could be certified) or are taking CPO cars out of the inventory and allowing illegal diesels back onto the roads. There has been no reply from official Volkswagen HQ on the matter at this time.

Below is a copy of the disclaimer provided to customers who want to buy a Volkswagen TDI model:


[Source: TTAC]

  • Ivar Möller

    Criminal action third time from VW ? Is the EPA and CARB without Power.

  • Jerry Baustian

    I am not surprised to read this. It wouldn’t make sense if the only place you could not buy a used VW TDI would be at a VW dealership. I assume dealerships still take TDIs as trade-ins, so it makes sense that they would then resell them.