Today in Weird News, Someone Filed a Patent for a Cup Holder Gun Holster

Today in Weird News, Someone Filed a Patent for a Cup Holder Gun Holster

There’s a lot of wacky patents out there, but this one might be one of the craziest.

Roderick Dale Duncan of Athens, Georgia, filed a patent application for a cup holder gun holster on July 29, 2014, which was recently published. According to the patent application, it’s essentially a holster for receiving and holding a handgun that can be placed in a cup holder. During vehicle operation, the base of the holster is configured to be inserted into a cup holder and can operate to provide storage for a handgun, while providing easy access to the firearm.

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As absurd as the patent appears, Duncan does try to provide a good argument for its use: “For instance, consider the situation of lady [sic] pulling up to a downtown traffic light in clean and shiny BMW. As the light turns yellow she realizes that she is going to need to come to a stop as the light will certainly be red before she arrives at the solid white line. And so, she begins to slow down and, the car in front of her does the same thing. As she comes to a stop, she briefly looks up and adjusts the rear view mirror to see the kids in the back seat. With her arm in the air and her eyes focuses on the kids, she does not notice the passenger door of the vehicle in front of her open as a man with a hoodie jumps out and shuts the door behind him. He quickly rushes around her car and reaches into the window to grab her shoulders as he opens the door. She quickly tries to bend down and reach for the gun under her seat. She feels the cool handle of the gun but before she can get her hands around it, the man drags her out of the car and throws her to the street. He jumps into the car and slams the door as he and the car in front of him bust through the red light and disappear into the traffic.”

OK, maybe it does sound as absurd as it seems.

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    i see he bought a grip-extender magazine floor plate, yet no butt plug?
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