Tesla Applies for Michigan Dealership License

Tesla Applies for Michigan Dealership License

In a strange move, Tesla has applied for a dealership license in the state of Michigan.

It has been well documented the uphill battle the American electric automaker has faced in several states, attempting to sell its vehicles directly to the consumer rather than using the traditional dealership model. It has been reported that the company applied for a dealership license in the state of Michigan in November, 2015, a strange move since automakers typically don’t seek a license.

A Tesla spokesperson told AutoblogGreen that the company applied for a license to confirm that “current Michigan law prohibits Tesla from being able to license its own sales and service operations in the state.”

If confirmed, Tesla plans to review any options available to overturn what it calls an “anti-consumer law.”

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The Michigan Secretary of State responded to the application by asking for more information and a decision is expected to come within the next two months. This is the first application from Tesla for a license from the state of Michigan.

The Model X crossover joined the Model S sedan in the automaker’s lineup late last year. Tesla is currently working on an affordable Model III that is expected to debut sometime this year.

[Source: Autoblog]

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