Tesla Expands Free Towing to 500 Miles in North America

Tesla owners can now have their vehicles towed for up to 500 miles, free of charge.

That is if they have an issue with the vehicle that is covered under warranty. Previously, the American electric automaker would cover the costs of towing for up to 50 miles, but has expanded that tenfold to 500. That will ideally cover the distance needed to take a Tesla vehicle to the nearest service center.

According to updated wording on Tesla’s Roadside Assistance policy, the complimentary towing covers “vehicle malfunctions due to warrantable issues, transportation services for the first 500 miles is covered by Tesla.”

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It’s another move in hopes of increasing buyer confidence with the brand. As successful as the brand has been in some markets, it is still fighting an uphill battle with shoppers who have range anxiety or are just hesitant to embrace electrified vehicles.

The automaker has sold about 107,000 electric cars since 2012 and late last year began rolling out its newest model, the Model X crossover. It expects to sell between 80,000 to 90,000 units this year.

The increase in towing mileage is applicable to North American owners only.

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