Tesla Model S Wireless Charger Heading to Market in April

Tesla Model S owners will soon be able to charge their vehicles wirelessly.

Evatran’s Plugless Power is now taking pre-orders for its Tesla Model S wireless charger with a refundable deposit of $244. Final pricing for the unit hasn’t been announced, although the $244 deposit will go towards the final purchase price. Currently the company has systems for other electrified vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt, with the wireless charger costing $1,260, a Nissan Leaf unit running $1,540 and a Cadillac ELR charger costing $1,940.

The company also mentions on the product page that Plugless is currently not available for the Tesla Roadster, Model X or upcoming Model 3, but its engineers are working to bring the technology to all Tesla models.

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The Tesla Model S Plugless system will come with a three-year warranty and provides fast 7.2-kW wireless electric vehicle charging. It also comes with an intuitive parking guidance display that makes charging as easy as parking your car.

The system simply plugs into any dedicated 50-amp circuit near your parking space or you can have your electrician hardwire it into your home’s electrical. For the Model S 60, it takes about eight hours to charge from empty to full, while the Model S 70 takes approximately 10 hours. The Model S 85 will take 12 hours to fully charge wirelessly.

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