The Aston Martin DB11 is Outrageously Beautiful


The Aston Martin DB11 just couldn’t wait until the 2016 Geneva Motor Show to make its grand debut.

After making an early appearance on social media with a photo of its front end, these images of the new sports car have leaked.

Serving as the successor to the Aston Martin DB9, the DB nameplate skips to DB11 because the DB10 was purposely made for the James Bond film, Spectre. The new DB11 does draw inspiration from Aston Martin’s recent concepts, including the DBX and naturally the DB10.

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The front end retains the automaker’s signature grille while the rear gets a really sleek design with svelte taillights. Aston Martin has already confirmed a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 will be powering the new DB11, pushing out around 600 horsepower. Expect to learn more details about the new sports car in the coming days as the 2016 Geneva Motor Show kicks off March 1 in Switzerland. is reporting live from the show floor and we will be sure to get a good look at the DB11’s interior as well as its stunning exterior.

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  • M.A. Wood Jr

    Definitely sleek, but looks cluttered. Also resembles the Jaguar F-Type. Those contrasting aluminum bars over the side windows are just more visual clutter.

    I wonder if they’ll offer a version that’s not so ridiculously overpowered. The speed limits where I live max out at 70mph and I already have too many speeding tickets.

  • craigcole

    Well, I’m glad they kept a V12 under the hood, and now one with turbos!