Secret New Hydrogen Car Being Developed in the UK Apparently Gets 250 MPG

Secret New Hydrogen Car Being Developed in the UK Apparently Gets 250 MPG

The hydrogen fuel-cell market is gaining a new entry from the U.K.

A company called Riversimple is teasing a pre-production prototype of a hydrogen-powered car set to debut this week. The prototype is a two-seater coupe with 300 miles of driving range, offering an equivalent fuel economy of 250 mpg. According to Riversimple, the car’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the environmental impact of personal transportation altogether.

Details and specifications are expected to be revealed when the car is unveiled, but Riversimple does say that it weighs 1,146 pounds, thanks to a carbon fiber monocoque body weighing less than 88 lbs. It will get its energy from an 8.5kW hydrogen fuel cell that is located in the coupe’s rear.

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The production prototype is designed by Chris Reitz, former design chief for the Fiat 500, along with his team at their studio in Barcelona, Spain. The company claims it has been testing an engineering prototype on the streets of London, clocking in speeds over 60 mph.

It appears the company is looking for additional funding, promising that with more money 20 cars will be ready for Beta test with customers later this year. Check back in the coming days when Riversimple pulls the cover off its prototype and we get all the details.

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