Uber Gets a Fancy New Logo, Confuses Us With Explanation Why

Uber Gets a Fancy New Logo, Confuses Us With Explanation Why

Uber has updated its logo to reflect its evolution as a business.

What started off as a black car service for 100 friends in San Francisco has transformed into a transportation network across 400 cities in 68 countries. In addition, Uber has launched new services such as uberX and uberPOOL, as well as UberEATS, helping deliver food and packages while offering transportation options for millions of people.

To celebrate its technology and the cities Uber serves, the company has decided to give its logo a slight facelift to make it look “less fussy” so that people can “see Uber from afar, and when it’s in small places.”

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Then things get a little bit strange. The company talks about how it is introducing “the concept of the bit throughout our design framework,” and how it is combining the bit with the atom. For Uber, atoms represent the human side of things, which means tossing out the old black and white for something more colorful and lively. According to the company, its team has spent months researching architecture, textiles, scenery, art, fashion, people and more to come up with authentic identities for the countries where Uber operates.

All these changes probably don’t mean much to you, but if you do use Uber, you will notice a new app icon on your device. The company claims these changes are all about bits and atoms, but we’re not really sure what they’re getting at.

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