Watch the First Teaser for Ken Block’s Gymkhana 8

The first teaser for Ken Block’s upcoming Gymkhana 8 has been released.

Starring a heavily modified Ford Fiesta ST boasting 650 horsepower, it features an ultra-reflective livery, so we imagine there are going to be some shenanigans with lighting for the latest video. The video shows off how the livery reacts to lighting, flashing different colors as it spins on a turntable. The teaser video was presented by Toyo Tires, who proudly announced that the Gymkhana 8 star car will be on Toyo Proxes R1R rubber.

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We will have to wait a full week until the full video drops on February 29 at 9:00 PM Pacific or February 20 at 12:00 AM Eastern.

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