Wicked Ford Mustang Wagon Render Has Us Wondering What Could Be

Wicked Ford Mustang Wagon Render Has Us Wondering What Could Be

A Ford Mustang wagon has never been produced, but that won’t stop us from wondering what could be.

Rain Prisk Designs on Facebook has done a wicked render of a contemporary Ford Mustang wagon that was too good not to share. And while it’s highly unlikely that Ford will ever develop a Mustang wagon or shooting brake model, it does make you wonder how a hatchback variant would do in the marketplace.

And, yes, some would argue that this is more of a shooting brake than a wagon, but let’s not get technical, since this will sadly never be part of our reality.

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If you have an obsession with wondering how existing car models would look in different variants, you should really check out Rain Prisk Designs’ Facebook page. The independent artist might be reading our minds with some of his other renders, including a four-door Jaguar F-Type, Dodge Challenger hatchback and even a Ferrari pickup truck. OK, the last one isn’t really in our minds, but a Nissan GT-R shooting brake is!

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  • Charles Perry

    probably wouldn’t sell too well but the render is sweet!

  • craigcole

    I’d LOVE a Mustang GT with a little extra cargo space and a more usable back seat; it’d be the perfect car!

  • Jon Austin

    Nice use of the term “shooting brake”!

  • timothyhood

    Please don’t ruin the Mustang.

  • I would drive the Hell out of this.