You Will Have to Shoot Sergio Marchionne Before Ferrari Builds an SUV

You Will Have to Shoot Sergio Marchionne Before Ferrari Builds an SUV

Don’t expect to see a Ferrari SUV model anytime soon, if at all.

While Lamborghini is working on its production Urus SUV, Ferrari has no intention of creating a competitor despite the growth of the crossover and SUV segments. In a conference call with analysts, chairman and FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed that Ferrari won’t try to boost demand with an SUV model, saying “You have to shoot me first.”

Ferrari aims to ship 7,900 vehicles this year but Marchionne cautioned that growth will likely slow down in the Italian automaker’s first full year of independence from FCA. Last year, Ferrari sold 7,664 units worldwide, marking a six-percent increase. Deliveries in China however, dropped 22 percent in 2015 and Marchionne doesn’t believe it will recover this year.

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Earlier this year, Marchionne announced that Ferrari will eventually boost its production past its target of 9,000 units per year in 2019. The company previously capped deliveries to about 7,000 cars a year to preserve its exclusivity. Marchionne added in the conference call that the Italian automaker has a “strong backlog of orders.”

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  • smartacus

    oh that’s OK. The Brand Dilution Specialist can still pull off his plot by raising production numbers into the high 4 figures 🙂
    more numbers
    =less exclusivity
    =less investment value
    =cross shopping other brands
    =lesser brands becoming equals

  • Jeff T

    The problem is that Ferrari went public. Shareholders just want money, they don’t care about the brand. Probably a great buy in the stock market 2 weeks from now.

  • smartacus

    you’re totally right. That’s another indicator Marchionne’s plan was Ferrari dilution all along. When you take a company public, you are BEHOLDEN to your shareholders to make money. You must make money. And he knows that full well.

  • If (heaven forbid) Marchionne ever gets shot, SUV production probably will be low on the list of reasons.