2018 Lincoln Navigator Concept an Outrageous SUV with Supercar Doors


Lincoln is giving a preview of how its next-generation full-size SUV will look.

Introduced on the eve of the 2016 New York Auto Show, the Lincoln Navigator concept, which has gullwing doors like a supercar and a small flight of entry stairs, looks to bring the brand’s best-known nameplate to a new generation. Its design team drew inspiration from luxury sailboats and yachts when designing the new concept, said Lincoln. As a result, you get a full-size SUV concept with clean, modern lines and a Storm Blue paint finish aimed to mimic the greys and blues of sea and sky. Inside, you will find teak finishes, custom gear and even a wardrobe management system.

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The 2018 Lincoln Navigator concept is powered by a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that delivers more than 400 horsepower. It also boasts the nameplate’s most spacious interior yet with six Lincoln-patented Perfect Position Seats that are adjustable 30 ways.

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Stepping into the cabin itself is an experience, with the concept boasting power gullwing doors, akin to what you see on exotic sports cars. Greeting passengers are fancy concertina steps and a special lighting sequence that is a signature Lincoln feature.

Advanced safety features on the SUV include pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection, a 360-degree camera and enhanced park assist, as well as a lane-keeping system that vibrates the steering wheel to alert drivers when they stray from their lane.

“The all-new Navigator Concept reinforces our commitment to give every Lincoln client what we call quiet luxury – vehicles and experiences that are elegant, effortlessly powerful and serene,” said Kumar Galhotra, president of Lincoln. “This kind of quiet luxury sets Lincoln apart. Now, we’re showing fans of large SUVs how we can exceed their expectations, without being the loudest statement on the road.”

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  • Glen

    So? It’s a long wheel base Land Rover with Model X doors? Interesting looking, hope they keep some of the aggressive concept design if they every decide to bring it to market.

  • Glen

    So? It’s a long wheel base Land Rover with Model X doors? Interesting looking, hope they keep some of the aggressive concept design if they ever decide to bring it to market.

  • johnls39 .

    Nothing more than a copy of Range Rover. Lincoln seems not able to find a styling direction of their own and seems the brand is getting worse and worse.

  • vlaz

    I like it. I would skip the gull-wing doors, but other then that it has a very refined style and I think this could appeal to many large SUV customers.

  • moman

    I like the look of it. Can’t say reliability will be better than Range Rover. I have heard many horror stories about Range Rover. My brother in law had an LR4, had to take it in many times to get fixed.

  • redbloodedxy

    I’m betting the gull-wing doors don’t make it to production. Great concept otherwise!

  • craigcole

    Right, there’s NO way those or the stairs will make it.

  • fstrdr

    Where to start, they use their own “old” err design of the Ford Flex. Look at the line going through the middle of the door, starting at the rear wheel arch. Sooooo crooked. Piece of 5;$&6@ domestic. Typical. Quality isn’t their forte. At least try. I bet you don’t see that on a Q7.

  • @@walker

    This is what happens when gas prices decline. This is the “Hummer” of the next generation. Just say NO!

  • Total Range Rover toward the rear. The grille is growing on me though. It’s not as bad as what other brands currently have.