5 Cars Your Mom Would be Mad at You for Driving

5 Cars Your Mom Would be Mad at You for Driving

Unless your mom is a hardcore automotive enthusiast, chances are she has a list of preferred vehicles she would rather see you driving.

That’s because moms do mom things, and that generally means she wants you to drive what she believes is safe and reliable and not what’s most exciting. So while it would be easy to just pick out high-performance exotics like the Bugatti Veyron as cars your mom would be mad at you for driving, here are a few unconventional choices.

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Dodge Viper SRT


Nevermind that the Dodge Viper SRT has a massive 8.4-liter V10 engine with 645 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. Chances are unless your mom loves cars, she just sees it as a loud machine that looks fast. But here’s the reason why your mom would be mad at you for driving a Dodge Viper SRT: it has a side-exit exhaust that can burn your legs when you get out of the car! Danger! Danger!

Mitsubishi Mirage


It might be one of the cheapest vehicles available, but don’t let the Mitsubishi Mirage fool you. There’s a good chance your mom doesn’t want you to drive it because it’s one of the few vehicles available today that gets a Poor rating on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s small overlap front crash test. The photo you see here is the aftermath of the test, where the Mirage hits a five-foot-tall rigid barrier while traveling at 40 mph.

Monster Truck


We can hear it now. “It’s too loud and will scare your Auntie Edna!” There’s a good chance you won’t ever own or drive a monster truck, but could you imagine the look on your mom’s face if you pulled up to your driveway with one of those bad boys? We’re going to guess the vast majority of moms wouldn’t give you a nod of approval.

Vehicles with Active Recalls


Last year was a record-setting year for recalls, which means if your mom is paying attention to the news, she’s probably heard reports by the media on how dangerous some cars are. We’re pretty confident your mom wouldn’t be too happy if she found out you were driving a car with an open recall. Arguably the largest and most dangerous recall involves faulty Takata airbags, which have been linked to several deaths worldwide. Do yourself a favor, if your call has a recall pending, call your dealership and schedule an appointment, there’s no reason to wait. Make your mom proud and do the responsible thing.

Any Vehicle that Conveniently Fits a Mattress


Believe it or not, there are actually inflatable mattresses you can buy that conveniently fit in your back seat. For obvious reasons, we’re going to guess your mom wouldn’t approve of a car that easily fits a mattress in the trunk – like a wagon – or a pickup truck. That is unless your mom wants to be a grandmother. And no, saying that you purchased the car and the mattress because you plan on going camping frequently isn’t a good excuse. She sees right through your lies.