6 Things We Learned About the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback


Unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show, the Civic Hatchback Prototype previews a production model that will arrive soon. Chatting with company representatives and the car’s chief designer Daisuke Tsutamori today at the Honda booth in Geneva, here’s what we now know about the brand’s next model.

1. No 2.0-liter

While Honda currently offers both a 158-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder and a 174 hp turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder in the coupe and sedan, the Civic Hatchback will be available only with the turbo motor. For now. Look for Si and Type R models to arrive in time.

The 2.0-liter was recently the subject of a recall, but that has no bearing on the decision. Instead, Honda says the turbocharged engine best suits the car’s more performance-focused direction. It’s also an indication that pricing for the hatchback will come at a premium compared to the rest of the lineup.

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2. The Type R Will be a Hatch

While it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion, once the Civic Type R does eventually arrive in North America, it will be a hatchback.

The car will be the performance focus of the Honda lineup. Honda has acknowledged that the Civic has become a more rational car and with the new hatchback they’re hoping to move away from that.

And don’t be surprised to see one racing at either Pikes Peak or the 25 Hours of Thunderhill this year.

2017 Honda Civic Coupe

3. A Hybrid Could be in the Future

There might even be a hybrid Civic, though not necessarily for North America. The car’s chief designer Daisuke Tsutamori confirmed to AutoGuide that the platform is flexible and could incorporate the latest electrification technologies.

4. The Civic Might Also be the Next Accord

Tsutamori also commented that the Civic platform is flexible enough that it could be used for a larger segment of cars. Does this mean Honda’s platform sharing will use the same structure for the next Accord?

5. It’s Inspired by Lamborghinis


According to Tsutamori, he didn’t have any other hatchback or conventional car in mind when he penned the new Civic Hatchback prototype. Instead, he says he was inspired by supercars. When asked what supercars he prefers, he was quick to answer “Lamborghini.” The answer seems obvious once you look at the car with its matte grey paint, black accents and neon details.

So will the production version get the center-exit exhaust pipes? Knowing Honda’s pattern of rolling out concepts that are only slightly modified versions of the production model, it seems likely. Tsutamori did say the prototype is “very close to production.”

6. We’ll Get it First

While North America is used to getting cars significantly after they launch in Europe, the Civic Hatchback will actually arrive on our shores first. Built in the U.K., it will go on sale in the U.S. in the second half of this year. It won’t arrive in Europe until 2017.

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  • drex95

    I believe it’s already common knowledge that the Global Compact Car platform is intended for both the Civic and the Accord. The latest scoop from reliable sources is that Accord is already designated for this platform with others to come. My guess is that Tsutamori was talking about the latter.

  • Felix James

    The Civic is pretty much the size of an Accord now anyway.

  • Eric Cameron

    I’m not really sold on this hatchback design. It looks more like the sedan had some inches removed from the rear and the roof slopes down to the new cutoff. If it was more squared off like the Focus or Mazda 3 I think this would look more promising.

    So far I’m really liking the coupe styling.

  • Ji Dosha

    Will the manual for the turbo be ready for the hatchback release? If not, they gotta slap some paddle shifters on the CVT to make it more “performance focused”.

  • Paul

    We also learned that it is ugly and over done in the styling of it’s sheetmetal.

  • drex95

    Naturally, not everyone loves it, but the overall reaction to the Civic’s new styling direction seems mostly positive. Besides, if they didn’t go with something dramatic this time around, we’d get another tedious chorus of “another boring appliance from Honda”. So at least they nipped that one in the bud.

  • y0gabagaba

    It looks great! I can’t way to see what it looks like in Type R trim Best looking civic since the EG.

  • pywaket_1

    We’ve also learned that Honda is still capable of building a car that somehow manages to look both boring *and* ugly at the same time.

    I want the Honda of 20-30 years ago back. The company that made interesting cars that were fun to drive. I know they’ve still got the engineers at the company. The new CBR300 is a great little bike, which in my mind proves that the company that Soichiro founded is still hiding in there, somewhere.. I think they just listen to the beancounters and the SoCal design crew way too much.

  • Raine Heartily

    As far as i know, Type-R is always Manual. So most possibly the Type-R Hatchback will have the 2.0T Manual.

    Also, Honda state that next-year Si model also will bring manual to the turbo engine, whether Si will bring manual to both 1.5T and 2.0T is still a question.

  • Raine Heartily

    Honda always have that obsession with interior room size and with Global car platform, their target demographic will have to include 6″2+ people which cause the growth in size.

  • Another reason to buy a VW or Toyota. My mom’s 2009 accord is a good looking, well performing car…..What happened Honda? 2.0 Turbo motors will eat this car up. My family switched back to VW.

  • I want Honda to do better. I hear Honda will be joining GRC with VW and Ford. I hope they compete well. It will be good for the sport! Go Speed! Go Foust! Go VARX!

  • Harry_Wild

    Type R engine models are suppose to come one year after it released in the U.S. meaning Fall 2017! Cannot wait to see what the hatchback Type R looks like! I don’t like the big wing in back but a small one like that of the muscle cars or of the super cars would be welcome! I hope it will not be more then $50K full loaded with automatic 9 speed inside!

  • Harry_Wild

    If it is manual only; Honda is not going sell very many of them because of stop and go traffic during rush hour along with the fact that only 6% of the U.S. population current drive manual trannies now! Even the muscle car fanatics are going to DCT or Automatics now! It would completely stupid for Honda to have only a manual for the Type-R model. In Europe, manual use is still in the 45% range of drivers that use manual but in the U.S. it only around 6%!

  • DainLaguna

    What toyota in the compact car class competes with this civic power-wise?

    I’m a Vw fan and owner, and your comparison is a bit weird. Saying 2.0 motors will eat this up is stating the obvious: this is the ‘regular’ civic, not the type r or si. I have a 1.8t golf, and no one expects that to run with a gti out of the box. Why do you expect the same out of this Honda? The pefoamce versions are coming later. And they’ll have 2.0 turbos as well.

  • DainLaguna

    They just confirmed it today. I’m sure the Si will get a manual and CVT option, and the R will be manual only. A CVT in the Si as an option makes sense: gti’s are sold with automatics all the time.

  • I would take the VW 1.8 T over this Honda as well. Better performance from base model vs base model…. Hopefully Type R will be cool. Again I like Hondas. I am not a hater. Corolla outsells them all.

  • CivYuck

    That’s what’s wrong with the sedan, not the hatch. It looks like they designed the hatch first and then clumsily just grafted on a trunk to the hatchback roofline which is why people mistake the sedan, as a hatch already. And what makes the sedan, ungainly looking,

  • Scott Bowling

    I have owned the 2001 Acura Integra Type R, a 2005 Honda S2000, a 2012 Honda Civic Si, and a 2015 Honda Civic Si. I don’t buy automatics. Honda builds the best manual gearbox on the planet. Please treat yourself and buy a manual in the new Civic Si or Type R. You won’t regret it!

  • Ji Dosha

    Sounds like you want a touring model and not a TypeR model.

  • Harry_Wild

    Just because I don’t want a manual, it not a Type R! Only 2% of U.S. non semis are manual transmissions. In the field of sports cars, only the U.S. muscle cars have manuals still but as the 50 plus generation dies off, the cars will be forces to get automatics or DCTs.

  • The stock 1.8T VW Beetle will eat up a stock Civic or Corolla. FACT…..Happy now?

  • Isend2C

    cars like the Miata, Z, Corvette and others will continue on with a clutch for people who enjoy being involved with their cars. While DCTs are numerically better they’re not as “soul-stirring”. a lame car can become fun with a clutch, and an auto can ruin a fun car.

  • drno

    what happened to honda? looks like everything else now. had high hopes for a new honda hatback.