A Chevy SS Replacement is Still on the Table

A Chevy SS Replacement is Still on the Table

Though the fate of the Chevrolet SS was believed to be sealed, it seems the car might get a replacement after all. 

Speaking with Car advice, Chevy Camaro chief engineer Al Oppenheiser hinted that a new model could be on the way. Talking about the SS, he said “we haven’t announced an end date to it, so we’re just … we know that there are some decisions made on the Zeta [platform], that are imminent, and right now we’re just focused on the new ’17 model, which is great,” he said.

GM’s Australian arm Holden is going to cease production in 2017, which was predicted to spell the end of the SS as it is based on the Holden Commodore. Since the Zeta platform the cars are built on is being discontinued, it’s possible a new SS would be built on the Alpha platform that underpins the new Camaro and Cadillac ATS.

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Selling fewer than 3,000 units a year in the U.S. doesn’t do much to help the business case for the SS, though Oppenheiser did say that the “SS sells what it’s supposed to.” The decision is up to GM brass, and Oppenheiser has faith in Holden managing director Mark Reuss. “If anybody understands what we could do and if we could do it, it would be him. And I don’t make those decisions – I support whatever the leadership looks at, and if there’s opportunity, we will take it. If there’s not, we would communicate that,” he said.

[Source: Car Advice]

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  • Mark S

    LT V8, MR and manual in the Alpha platform….the SS would be the blue collar CTS V, very cool.

  • diehard

    Blue collar, with a $47,000 price tag? Hmmm

  • Mark S

    …..blue collar compared to its sibling Caddie V8. Granted still expensive!