Aston Martin Developing Next Seven Vehicles

Aston Martin Developing Next Seven Vehicles

It’s no secret, Aston Martin is a boutique brand, selling but a small handful of cars each year. Still, they have growth ambitions like anyone else and a product offensive is in the works to increase their share of the lucrative ultra-luxury market.

Andy Palmer, the company’s CEO, outlined this expansion in Aston Martin’s “Second Century Plan,” a strategy that emphasizes three “pillars” of the business. Overall, they’re working on their next seven vehicles right now.

The first key area of focus is sports cars. The company will continue with a three-vehicle lineup that includes the brand-new DB11, which was just unveiled in Geneva, as well as replacements for both the Vantage and Vanquish models, which in some ways are longer in the tooth than a walrus.

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The second pillar of Aston Martin’s new strategy will be sedans. This is expected to include the brand’s replacement for the Rapide as well as a four-door of some stripe that’s badged as a Lagonda. However, there could be even more to this than meets the eye. There are rumblings that an all-electric saloon could join the lineup.

Finally, like just about every other automaker, utility vehicles will play a role in Aston Martin’s future. A rival to the Bentley Bentayga seems appropriate, but nothing is official at this time. Perhaps a production version of their DBX coupe/crossover concept is in the works.

Aside from its renewed focus on sports cars and the possibility that it will expand its sedan and crossover offerings, Aston Martin will also likely continue building special vehicles, products like the track-only Vulcan or the One-77 in order to keep things interesting, and high-end clientele coming back for more.

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