Buick Disappoints Fans by Confirming Avista Definitely Won’t Be Produced


If you liked the Buick Avista concept, we have some bad news for you.

It appears that the luxury coupe concept will not be heading to production and won’t even serve as a design exercise for future models. According to Tony DiSalle, vice-president sales and marketing for Buick, the Avista “was purely a concept and meant to generate some buzz. No other plans for now.” This is despite all the positive feedback the Avista has received since it debuted at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. “The energy around that car and the interest in it at the shows was amazing.”

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There has been speculation that the Avista would become a future sedan for Buick, eventually replacing the Regal in the lineup. DiSalle however, said that the Regal is and will remain very important for the brand, because the “midsize segment is huge and we need a volume car in that segment.”

This is very unfortunate news, because the Buick Avista concept has been one of the more pleasant surprises that debuted this year. Even worse, it likely won’t influence future models, as DiSalle said the Avenir concept serves that purpose.

[Source: GM Inside News]

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  • Rocket

    The best GM concept in recent memory. The decision is probably more about protecting big brother Cadillac than lack of consumer interest. Sure it would steal sales from the milquetoast ATS (a LOT of sales), but there is an obvious demand for it, and Buick dealers could really use some help.