Which of these 8 Bugatti Chiron Color Combos is Your Favorite?


The Bugatti Chiron made its grand debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, but how does it look in different colors?

The French automaker has added a Bugatti Chiron colorizer to its website, showcasing its latest supercar in eight different schemes. We’ve already seen the traditional French Racing Blue in Switzerland, and although the colorizer is limited compared to the endless possibilities Bugatti offers, it does give us a great idea how it looks in red, white and even gold. And of course, buyers can opt for a full carbon fiber finish.

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Like the Veyron, the Chiron’s paint combinations can be split into two sections. The door, hood and front fenders are all one shade while the roof, roof fenders, rear end, sills and lower front bumper can be another. Both sections can also expose its carbon fiber body with colors covering the spectrum like red, blue and black.

Based on the color scheme you choose, you can also have either matching or contrasting brake calipers, with further customization offered by highlighting the wheels with matching paint. There’s even polished and chrome options.

Considering the price tag of the Bugatti Chiron, we expect each owner to truly make their vehicle as distinct as possible. Maybe the automaker will go so far as to never allow the same combination to be used twice.

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  • windel Vernon

    They’re all beautiful, especially the solid blue. This car in all it’s color iterations only looks better from one to the other. Standing still, it’s breathtakingly beautiful..

  • windel Vernon

    Oh. I forgot. Or should I say that I couldn’t forget andn therefore I’m back to say that the expression, if there is such a thing, on the front of this car, is that of some higher form of “autovour” in your rear view mirror, just before it devours whatever you’re driving that’s in it’s path. The look is almost wicked looking.