Daily Diecast: Fast and Furious Skyline GT-R Model Does Paul Walker Proud

Daily Diecast: Fast and Furious Skyline GT-R Model Does Paul Walker Proud

Welcome to AutoGuide.com’s Daily Diecast feature. Every day this week, we’ll be showcasing an extra special diecast model car from the web and showing you exactly why it’s awesome. 

If you thought our Daily Diecast on the late Paul Walker’s awesome Toyota Supra was cool, feast your eyes on this gorgeous Nissan Skyline GT-R modelled after the Fast and Furious car driven by Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor.

This gorgeous specimen was first seen in 2 Fast 2 Furious when Brian is pitted against three other drivers in a nail-biting race. Although we doubt this model has the blue underglow the real deal had, this model is still an accurate depiction of Brian’s vehicle and equally as badass.

This perfect mini replica is 1:24 to scale and features everything from the Toyo Tires sticker in the rear, to the NX sticker on front bumper, and even a GT-R badge on the grille, just like the real Skyline GT-R featured in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

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This metal model is, of course, right-hand drive and is a great car not only for collectors who have grown up with the Fast and Furious movies, but also those who wouldn’t mind adding another super cool diecast to their forever growing collection of model cars. Or, you know, you can give it to your kid and watch them drive it all over your hardwood floor as you smile with a bittersweet look on your face – one day, they’ll understand how special that car is…

Now all you need are all the other cars this model has left in its dust to re-create that entire racing scene, which would include Suki’s hot pink S2000, Slap Jack’s yellow Supra Turbo and Orange Julius’ flaming RX-7.

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