Daily Diecast: Go Back To The Future in This Stunning Delorean Model

Daily Diecast: Go Back To The Future in This Stunning Delorean Model

Welcome to AutoGuide.com’s Daily Diecast feature. Every day this week, we’ll be showcasing an extra special diecast model car from the web and showing you exactly why it’s awesome.

If you want to jump-start a Back To The Future collection, what better way to get going than with the machine that started it all: the amazing Delorean?

October 21, 2015 marks the day that Marty and Doc went into the future and, while we don’t have flying cars and fashion hasn’t advanced enough to create the self-drying jacket, we can purchase this delightful model to remind us how awesome the film was.

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The Back to the Future car is based on a Delorean DMC-12, which was manufactured between 1981-83. This diecast model is made of metal and has amazing details. Everything from the gullwing doors to the “OUTATIME” license place is included to make it the perfect 1:24-scale model of the real deal. Even the “DMC” name is stamped onto the centre caps – how’s that for craftsmanship?

Daily Diecast Delorean

This one-pound model features the famous hooked lightning rod on the car’s roof and it even comes with a flux capacitor behind the seats. Great Scott!

For less than $20, I doubt you’ll be able to find a more detailed version of this famed Delorean.

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